SCA 680A


SCA680A are CE certified SCBA in its category and it is focused on the most critical functions and features so that user can have the maximized maneuverability and operational capability.


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FBO system

Second stage regulator activates pneumatic system by first breath.

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Moving harness

Ergonomic backframe design that shift the weight from the shoulders to the hips promoting greater user acceptance.

feature image
Integrated regulator

First stage regulator integrated with alarm.

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* The above specifications are subject to change without notice for product performance enhancement.


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비상탈출용 공기호흡기 SCA 680WH

전방표시장치(HUD)를 통해 용기내
압력을 육안으로 확인할 수 있으며,
원터치 커플러방식으로 용기의 탈부착이
편리한 다기능 신형 공기호흡기

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