SCA 1205LR

Fire-Fighting Helmet

SCA1205LR is designed to meet the demand of emergency teams in search and rescue mission, such as road accident, height rescue and other operations.


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Integrated adjustment systme

Allows for a comfortable, secure fit thanks to its ratchet to adjust inner structure.

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3 point chinstrap

3 point chinstrap securely fasten to protect helmet drop down from external shock.

* Refer to the attached catalogue

* The above specifications are subject to change without notice for product performance enhancement.


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비상탈출용 공기호흡기 SCA 680WH

전방표시장치(HUD)를 통해 용기내
압력을 육안으로 확인할 수 있으며,
원터치 커플러방식으로 용기의 탈부착이
편리한 다기능 신형 공기호흡기

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