SCA 1205R

Fire-Fighting Helmet

SCA1205R designed to protect head under the most extreme circumstances as exposure to flame, high heat radiation.


feature image
Flip down face shield

Specially designed face visor is compatible with SCBA face-piece.

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3 point chinstrap

3 point chinstrap securely fastens to protect helmet drop down from external shock.

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Boltless outer shell

Boltless outer shell allows high impact and penetration resistance.


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비상탈출용 공기호흡기 SCA 680WH

전방표시장치(HUD)를 통해 용기내
압력을 육안으로 확인할 수 있으며,
원터치 커플러방식으로 용기의 탈부착이
편리한 다기능 신형 공기호흡기

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