• Since 1971, we have been leading the Korean personal safety equipment market by introducing unceasing technology and innovative products.

  • Based on the know-how of the past 50 years and the ICT technology of Hancom Group, HANCOM LIFECARE has been continuously expanding into the military, fire, and industrial markets as well as the smart city public safety field.

  • In addition, HANCOM LIFECARE has expanded its product lines to worldwide markets
    such as Vietnam, Mongolia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Middle East countries and has been recognized for its excellent reputation and quality

    HANCOM LIFECARE will be reborn as a leading company, responsible for the safety of people all over the world through continuous technological development and innovation.

Based on innovative convergence technology, Hancom Group is leaping forward to become a global comprehensive ICT convergence company through repeated challenges and bold innovations in various fields such as software, hardware, and finance.

Hancom Health Care is a subsidiary of Hancom Life Care, a mask manufacturing company that has obtained permission for manufacturing and selling items by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

Hancom Healthcare is devoted to supply the highest quality masks through using domestic materials and clean room manufacturing facilities. Hancom Healthcare will continuously develop health-related products to create a healthy future for everyone.


A new industrial complex will be constructed at Songmunri, Yong-In.

At this vast site, various industrial factories will all come together for better connection and synergy.

Social Contribution

It is our first priority to take part in creating a society where everyone can smile with peaceful mind.

Social contribution of HANCOM LIFECARE

  • Continuous donation activities

    Since its establishment, HANCOM LIFECARE has been continuously donating to educational facilities, safety training schools, hospitals and municipal organizations.

  • Various social contribution activities

    In addition, we fund-raise from in-house café profits for social contribution purposes.

  • Various overseas social contribution activities

    HANCOM LIFECARE’s contribution is not limited to domestic region. We are also reaching out to help neighboring developing countries by various ways such as donating fire trucks.

  • Safe society

    HANCOM LIFECARE always strives to create the best safety equipment.

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비상탈출용 공기호흡기 SCA 680WH

전방표시장치(HUD)를 통해 용기내
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원터치 커플러방식으로 용기의 탈부착이
편리한 다기능 신형 공기호흡기

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